The Dutch Design Network is a collaboration between the Dutch creative industry and the Dutch government to help foreign companies setup their creative hub in the Netherlands.


The Netherlands is one of the world’s leading creative centers with a long-standing reputation for Design.


Via their Creative board, the Dutch Design Network will put you in touch with the best creative people. The Netherlands is strategically an interesting country to setup your office outside of China.


The country has a modern infrastructure, transparent financial systems, easy access to the rest of Europe and one on the largest harbors in the world. An ideal country to setup a foreign office.


With a well-established reputation as a base for multinationals, the Netherlands has the second highest number of corporate headquarters per capita in the world. The Dutch legal, taxation and regulatory systems are open and predictable. The Dutch government pursues liberal policies towards foreign trade and investment, and the country is party to a large number of tax treaties.


Logistics and finance


But there is more to a foreign success than logistics and finance. The product, advertising and communication also needs to appeal to the European buyer. We believe that the European consumer is different from the Chinese consumer. So in order to be successful on the European market, Chinese companies have to adapt their marketing and communication material and strategy, and is some cases their product.


When setting up a foreign head office in The Netherlands you have the benefit of using DDN, the Dutch Design Network.

The dutch and design


The Netherlands is currently one of the world's poles of great modern design. In the twentieth century the Netherlands became internationally respected for their architecture, graphic and product design with designers and architects as Hendrik Berlage, Piet Zwart, Gerrit Rietveld, Wim Crouwel, Benno Premsela and Anton Beeke.


Their successors in the twenty-first century are Rem Koolhaas, Adriaan Geuze, Ben van Berkel, Droog Design, Irma Boom, Richard Hutten, Hella Jongerius and Marcel Wanders. Dutch design schools offer design education on a high level in different disciplines.

Successful design


How can the Dutch Design Network work for your brand or product? It all starts with a good well-designed product or service.


But there’s more to success then just the product. The Dutch Design Network combines design with marketing and logistics and retail concepts. This makes a unique one-stop-shop network. A network of professionals in graphic design, product design, interior design, retail design, brand activation, marketing, advertising, etc. All the connected Dutch agencies are well established and have years off experience in their field. From our studio in Amsterdam you have access to over 100 creative people of all disciplines.


DDN services: Strategy, concept development, graphic design, multimedia, motion, retail, interior, packaging, marketing, brand activation, pr, social media.


DDN is a network a specialised design, marketing and communication agencies.


How does it work?


DDN has selected around 20 design agencies in The Netherlands with all different disciplines. Each agency has met strict requirement. The agencies are non competitive and collaborate on projects. The creative board of DDN (which holds members of all agencies) determines which agencies will work together for a client.


Membership requirements


Dutch design has a reputation to uphold. Therefore all members have been selected by the creative board, and have to meet strict requirements. We make demands on the service type, turnover and continuity. Please contact us for more information.





Joining forces
By joining our forces we create a network of specialised designers. Together we offer the complete scope: strategy, design and realisation of graphic, spatial en multi-media projects.


Contact us

To learn more about our projects, partners and clients your are welcome to contact our office in Amsterdam. We kindly invite you for an informal and inspiring meeting to echane ideas and to discuss the services we can provide to you.
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